UPI Casino – Alternative Payment Options for Online Casino Players in 2021

Pankaj Gupta | Yash Patel | Shweta Reddy

It’s not easy to find a UPI casino for players in India. It’s true that it’s a trusted payment option that many people choose to use, but there are other methods that are seemingly more popular, and perhaps work for a greater number of people. That doesn’t stop players in India from looking for the best casino payment methods online when looking to deposit or withdraw real money.

All of the sites that we recommend are highly reputable across the online casino industry. Not only are all the sites open to players from all over India and beyond, but they also have options for players to use different payment methods too. Each UPI casino India has to offer its users is another site that someone can use if they aren’t a fan of the more traditional payment methods. Google Pay payment casino sites are also popular for the same reasons. If someone may not have a traditional banking account that is supported, then alternative methods need to be used.

The Best Online Casinos with UPI, Phonepe, and Google Pay Casino Deposit Options in India

Some of the best online casinos that players will find in India will have UPI support. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface and is supported by hundreds of different banks in India. It’s one of the most popular payment systems that are requested amongst Indian players in the online casino industry.

What UPI does is it allows a player to send or request money instantly to and from a bank without any hassle. Players will be able to pay by using their phone number or a bank tag, far easier than anything else you’d have to hand over for regular payments. UPI is a smooth way to transact to and from any player’s regular bank account in India.

Since UPI arrived in India in 2016, it has started the need for instant online banking between accounts, and while things like Google Pay and Phonepe also exist, they all make playing at an online casino really easy. Most of the top online casino sites that we list have UPI casino deposit support but are also known as being the best Google Pay casino sites and have options to make a Phonepe casino payment too.

Paying with Phonepe is pretty simple too. All users will need to do is head over to the app on iOS and Apple, or through the web browser and log in. Once done, players will be able to set a bank account within the app and then make a transfer. Players will finish off just by entering their UPI Pin, and then everything will fall into place.

Is A Google Pay Casino Deposit Safe?

Google is a trusted word in the online casino world and as soon as any form of financial transaction is connected, such as with Google Pay, players will be sure that the operations are above board and legitimate. Since it’s such a big company, it makes no sense for them to risk lawsuits over improper financial regulation.

That said, Google Pay or Gpay allows players to use it as a digital payment solution for online casinos too. Previously known as Android Pay, Google Pay payment casinos are known far and wide across India and players looking to make a Google Pay casino deposit will be able to do so pretty easily. All users will need to do is connect up their Google account and then they’ll be right as rain!

Online casino goers can make deposits to online casinos using Google Pay simply by selecting it as a payment option when they sign up and register. There, users will get to put money straight into their casino account. Another added advantage of using Google Pay as an online deposit method is that players will be able to buy credit on the GPay account in regular stores through gift cards, and then will be able to play online.

Players will find some of the best Google Pay casino sites right here and they are usually the same ones that would accept methods like Phonepe too, all under the UPI umbrella. It’s important to note that not all online casinos will take Google Pay as an option to pay, but more and more casino sites are looking for solutions to help Indian players all over the globe to play at sites that are friendlier and more welcoming.

Is Phonepe Casino Payment Legal in India?

The good news for users who want to make Phonepe casino payments to online casinos in India is that it’s perfectly legal to do so. Phonepe is a well-known and trusted payment option for players. Those looking to start their online casino journey with Phonepe will need to find an online casino that accepts it as a payment option. Luckily, we’ve already figured all of that out, so players just need to select one of the top sites we’ve listed.

Once done, the Phonepe app needs to be downloading. Inside it, users can head over to the My Money page inside the app and will choose their bank after adding a new bank account. Here, they will need to put their card details accurately and accept. From there, users are ready to start moving real money around.

All users will need to be verified first in order to use the product properly. This is usually seen by all players in the app by method of a banner at the top of the screen. This is done by players using their Aadhaar card to complete the verification process where they’ll need to enter the 12-digit number and a one-time password. This is all that needs to be done to get the account verified and once that’s done, players will be ready to start playing!

As another positive, the Phonepe app is available in 11 different languages for players from all over India. Over 200 million users are using Phonepe as a payment option across the world. Start playing today and see how easy it is.

Which is the Next Best Deposit Option for Online Casinos in India?

Anyone looking to play at online casinos in India will be welcome with a number of different deposit and withdrawal options. The truth is that when players have found the right payment option that suits them, finding the right online casino is the next step. Those that are looking for methods like UPI, Google Pay, and Phonepe will feel right at home with the online casinos we’ve listed.

There are a number of different options that players can use and that can range from classic debit and credit card options, e-wallets, prepaid cards, mobile payments, and so much more. If you’re looking for the most popular online casino options available to players in India, then look no further. Here are some of the best options available to all players.

One of the largest mobile payment options in India, Paytm will allow users to instantly put money into their online casino account straight from their bank without any additional costs. The real money transferred into the Paytm account will act almost like an e-wallet that players may have used before.

Players can log in to their Paytm accounts or click the Paytm app on mobile and then start playing with a few clicks or taps. First, players will need to find an online casino that works with Paytm. After that, it’s as simple as using a QR code or entering a mobile number to pay the money virtually into an online casino account. The option will be there under the cashier and players will likely be asked for a verification code first, and then verify the payment.

Everyone in India should know what PayPal is and how it works as it’s one of the world’s leading online payment methods. Online casinos accept PayPal in the same way that they usually do VISA and MasterCard options purely because PayPal is a payment option that is trusted and well known.

Players will have their PayPal account treated in a very similar way that online casinos treat e-wallets. That means the real money deposits will be fast, and the withdrawals will be far quicker than traditional means. Players will have to link up their PayPal accounts with their bank accounts and then transfer money from their PayPal account to their casino account. This process is usually instant.

The entire process is made easier by PayPal because players can log in to the app or site and then link their traditional bank accounts to it, and whenever they start playing online, can make a payment to the online casino without even having to do anything at the bank.

Perhaps one of the most traditional ways to play at casinos and online casinos too. Traditional means of payment and withdrawal are still popular because they are very trusted as they’ve been around for so long. Sadly, because they have been around for a large amount of time, the way that debit and credit cards communicate to cutting-edge online casinos can take some time.

For those that stick to VISA and MasterCard, and even Net banking, players will be able to rest assured in knowing that these payment options will likely never go out of style. Online casinos across the world, and especially those in India will always accept these payment options. The only reason that new payment methods exist is to help players without these means or to make things a little faster.

With the traditional methods of banking, things do take a little longer. Players may be able to find their real money winnings take up to 7 business days to transfer into their accounts. The exception of course being Net banking, an option that Indian players may choose since it saves them a lot of time by having the latest in KYC regulations.