Online Casino Payment Methods in India – The Best Options for Real Money Play

Pankaj Gupta | Yash Patel | Shweta Reddy

If a player has come to enjoy playing at one particular casino then making the move over to real money play shouldn’t be that daunting. Knowing and understanding the casino payment methods that the online casino in India has to offer should be easy because of the time spent there.

What if a new online casino pops up that players aren’t quite sure about but want to try out? This happens more often than users might think and it’s important that if a site is chosen to play on, the banking options are trusted and reputable. That’s why we have put together a page that discusses the best casino payment methods in depth.

What Are the Popular Mobile Casino Payment Methods in India

With the way that all casinos are making a move towards giving people the best online casino experience through mobile, it’s only a matter of time before any and all payment options are used on-the-go too. There are a number of mobile casino payment methods that are already seen as standard as far as casinos go, and any casino deposit India players make will be accepted by most casinos.

Paytm is a popular online e-commerce payment system with its roots in India. The company was developed to allow users to pay bills, recharge their mobile data, book events, and shop online. Players can also use them to play at online casinos and fund their accounts via mobile. Having been in business for over 10 years, Paytm is also available in 11 Indian languages and now is perhaps one of the most recognized payment brands across India.

The beauty of Paytm is that everything can be done from a mobile, and for online casinos that accept it as a mobile casino payment method, users can have real money in their account in as little as 24 hours.

Google Pay is a way for players to link their bank accounts to Google, allowing them to make online casino payments without any hassle. For players wanting to use their mobiles to play games, it’s just another simple way to transfer funds if any users don’t happen to have a direct link to a bank account that can be used. The reason this works so well is because a lot of mobile phones in India run off the Android operating system, one that is backed by Google.

Another digital wallet platform, PhonePe works in a similar way to Paytm in that it allows users to have their credit or debit cards, or wallets used to recharge mobile phone data, pay bills, and play online.

The UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a real-time payment system that allows users to transfer funds between two accounts on a mobile platform. Luckily, this system is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, so using it is perfectly legal, easy, and most of all, safe! Google Pay, PhonePe use UPI as the primary payment system while Paytm offers UPI as an additional feature. 

PayPal is something that has been around for some time and is widely accepted across the online casino industry. Many India casino withdrawal options will see PayPal listed as one of the popular ones and that’s because most notably, the system is pretty fast. When using regular banking options or methods, there may be a longer turnaround time for getting withdrawals into your account, but PayPal transfers are often done within 24 hours.

You can also link your bank account through PayPal allowing the payment system to take money directly from your bank account on your behalf, making the deposit time a lot easier than inputting any card details. Simply put, when players want to go into an online casino cashier section, they can connect up their account and put the money in straight away. This money will reflect immediately in the player’s online casino account for them to start playing with real money instantly.

Net banking for Indian players is as simple as internet banking because it’s essentially the same thing. It’s the more traditional way of making payments and withdrawals to online casinos and usually will take the longest time to process.

When using a traditional bank with either VISA or MasterCard cards, payments to the casino into your casino account will likely be instant, and the payments will be secure too. This is thanks to the added protection that traditional debit and credit cards get. When making a withdrawal after a win though, players will find that this method may take the longest time.

What is the Standard Indian Casino Withdrawal Time

Something that users may sometimes forget is that when players are using a mobile casino payment method to withdraw, the casino will need to approve the withdrawal first before any banks or payment options are considered. This isn’t the same as a casino deposit India player might have since the money can go straight into the account at the casino. An India casino withdrawal can only be done once the withdrawal process has been triggered by the player, and upon inspection of the account and the circumstances, the online casino releases the funds.

Most online casinos, and especially the ones that we list on our site and in our top list, will have between 24 and 48 hours to process withdrawals. This is usually because when players take a welcome bonus or any other kind of reload bonus, there are certain criteria attached to it. It is for this reason that the accounts need to be checked and the payments need to be authorized.

The withdrawal time for online casinos in India is usually dependent on the casino that players play at, and the banking system they use. Generally, the more traditional payment options like VISA and MasterCard can take anywhere up to 5 business days. This is assuming that the online casino has all of your account information, and you have confirmed your identity via email.

For players who are using methods like Google Pay, PayPal, Paytm, UPI, and a few more, the transactions are often a little faster. This isn’t because of the casino, but rather the payment option and having fewer barriers to overcome where a player’s personal information and banking details are concerned. The standard India casino withdrawal time is around 1-5 business days for traditional banking methods and between 24 and 72 hours for other methods. Deposits are usually instant.

Best Casino Deposit Methods in Live Casinos and Casino Apps in India

Each live casino India has to offer usually comes with a reputable online casino behind it. This is a huge advantage to any player looking for the most reputable online casino to play at. Online casino apps are also sometimes part and parcel of an online casino experience as some major sites will have apps, while others may just allow players to play from their site with instant play HTML games.

These options as they’re likely to be used on mobile with casino apps are largely safe and actually optimized for the mobile experience. Players who are set on using VISA or MasterCard options may run into some small issues here and there primarily because the sites aren’t able to operate as quickly with traditional banking methods.

How to Withdraw Money and Winnings from Online Casinos in India

Once you’ve had an amazing string of good luck and put your skills to the test in real money casino games and you’ve finally made a big profit, you’ll want to put that money into your bank account quickly!

Players will need to go to the cashier section of the casino that they are playing at. Once there, the option to look closely at your account will be more prominent and it’s there where players will request a withdrawal to their account.

It’s worthwhile noting that players who have claimed bonuses or used free spins in the past or had any help from the casino whatsoever may have to be under a little bit more scrutiny when it comes to making a withdrawal. An online casino will make sure that players have met all the minimum wagering requirements and that they’ve been playing the qualifying games that allow them to make withdrawals.

After the player has confirmed that a withdrawal should be taking place and the casino can confirm this, players will get to select their withdrawal option and then put in that particular banking information. After that has been done, then the casino will likely need a certain timeframe to process the withdrawal.

If and when successfully processed, the money will move from the online casino account into your chosen withdrawal method, but the time it takes for it to appear will depend on what kind of banking institution is used to get the money there. Traditional methods like VISA and MasterCard can sometimes take a little longer than some of the newer withdrawal methods, but ultimately players shouldn’t need to wait more than a few days before they can start spending their real money.

The Quickest Casino Deposit Methods in Indian Casinos to Start Playing Online

The quickest casino deposit methods in India will likely depend on the site. Most sites will require players to verify their accounts because they are able to make withdrawals. As a standard piece of advice, we advise all of our users to verify their accounts first before they make any deposits. This is just to get a formality out of the way because payment methods and sometimes even the online casinos will need players to be verified.

Once that has been done, and players are verified with their banking options and casinos, then they’re able to start making deposits and withdrawals. Usually, all online banking options are immediate deposits at casinos. Each casino deposit India players make will likely reflect in the first few minutes upon doing so.

If there is no amount of money that has appeared in the nominated online casino then players should contact the cashier or the help service. Most sites will also advise that players should wait a minimum of 15 minutes before contacting anyone. If the money disappears from the bank account and doesn’t appear at the casino account, then there may be some foul play afoot, so ensure that you’re putting in the right details at a trustworthy online casino.