Learn How to Win Teen Patti Games Online – Your Ultimate Guide

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Now that players know how Teen Patti works, and understand the basics of it, players will want to know how to win Teen Patti games at an online casino. Any Teen Patti real cash game online will live by the same basic fundamentals, so once the knowledge is there, you can take it to the best online casino with welcome bonuses and top games.

While nobody will be able to tell you how to win every game in Teen Patti, there are certain things that players can do to give themselves a little helping hand. Understanding Teen Patti strategy and learning a few Teen Patti tricks along the way is the right way to start winning money online.

Teen Patti Strategy

One of the best Teen Patti strategy methods is to play blind. When doing so, you place a bet without seeing your cards, and you take a risk with what you have. With playing blind as a Teen Patti strategy, you are an unseen player and can wager less, but players may also be able to give the seen players an uneasy feeling, thinking their hand may not be as good.

This can also put a seed of doubt in the minds of opponents because it will be impossible for them to try and get any information out of you if you’re not sure about the cards either, so nobody will be able to evaluate the strength of your hand.

How to Win in Teen Patti

If you want to learn how to win in Teen Patti games, you’ll need to understand the Teen Patti rules. The best way to learn how to play Teen Patti is to get to terms with the different terminology. When players play chaal, they’re allowed to see the cards. When players play blind, they don’t see their cards. If you play blind, you have to bet the current ante, and if you play chaal, you have to bet double the ante.

This is why it’s a great strategy to play blind because you’re making a guess as to what cards you have but starting out the gates with a low amount of money spent on the ante. Once you’ve mastered the Teen Patti rules for betting, you’ll start to think about winning the actual game. During the show, all players but two must have folded, leaving the last two to show their cards. The player with the best hand will then win, so knowing the best hands will help you a lot.

How to Win Every Game in Teen Patti

It’s almost impossible to learn how to win every game in Teen Patti but there are some things that players can do in order to do better each time. For example, it’s best that players understand the game is a long-lasting one. No player ever wants to be out at the game at the very start, so playing with small bets and managing a bankroll is perhaps one of the smartest things anyone can do.

We’ll always advise that players who are new to the game start playing for free. Many casinos will offer a free Teen Patti game, a great place to start learning before spending real money. Here, players can learn wagering, card combinations, sequences, and everything that makes the game entertaining.

As it’s already mentioned, it’s best to start to play blind. In doing so, players will have a chance to blindside their opponents with a great hand, but players who play blind also needn’t spend too much on betting. As the game is quite long, it will also throw any players off their game making it impossible for them to know if you’re holding good cards or bluffing.

Teen Patti Tricks

Play the long game in that if a player has a good set of cards, don’t instantly post a massive bet. This will tip a lot of players off and will look suspicious if you haven’t been playing carelessly all along. Teen Patti is more than just a card game, it’s a game of studying opponents too.

It may also be worth going into a bet with weak cards to confuse opponents. Playing a bluff with a weak hand, if it’s cheap, can be the difference between people knowing your game and being unsure of how you play.

Finally, when a player is ever in doubt about how good their hand is, there’s no shame in folding the cards. Players are never forced to play every hand and if you’ve felt like a player has a better hand than you, folding is a nice way to save money. Try to remove the ego when playing Teen Patti as best you can.

Teen Patti Movie

In the Teen Patti movie from 2010 viewers followed a mathematics professor who tried to write a thesis on probability and related it to Teen Patti. Mathematicians cracked the principles of probability and randomness and tried to take on the gambling world with three students playing for real money in the addas of Bombay. Theft, blackmail, and greed rear their ugly heads and played a large role in the movie making it exciting to watch.

While there’s no foolproof way to win every game of Teen Patti, and there isn’t some secret formula like the movie, it is possible to win on Teen Patti a little more than normal should players follow tips and guidelines on how to play and how to bet.

Can Teen Patti Cash Won Online Be Exchange for Real Money

Most people should start out playing a free Teen Patti game. This is where players are able to learn about how the game works, what makes it tick, the betting, and the strategy. Once done, and mastered, players should move onto real money games. The free Teen Patti game will play exactly the same as the real money variant, except in what players bet and win.

Any of the top online casinos that offer Teen Patti will allow players to win real money at their casinos. Any and all money played with, and won when playing online will result in players earning chips at that casino. These can then be exchanged for real money at the cashier of the casino.