Playing Teen Patti Online – Learn the Teen Patti Rules to Start Winning

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If you’ve ever wanted to start playing a Teen Patti real cash game to take home some real money, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, players will be able to learn all the Teen Patti rules including how the game works, how to play it, some specific rules you should know, and the different game variations that exist.

Not only will you get a chance to understand the game, but you’ll be able to understand the strategy behind it. The game is rather advanced and while it can be similar to a bunch of other games, there’s some subtle nuance to it that many players don’t quite yet understand. This makes it the perfect game to start playing online!

How to Play Teen Patti

A lot of people call Teen Patti Indian poker. This isn’t something that’s true, but the two games do share a fairly similar methodology in playing in that players need to make hands and beat the other players and/or the dealer. Usually, the game will start off with a betting phase. Players can decide whether or not they’d like to see their cards before they play and will determine how much of a bet to place.

Blind players, those who do not see their cards, only have to bet half the amount of the players who have seen their cards. Bearing in mind, any player can raise the bet amount. This will depend on the table and casino with regard to minimum and maximum betting. After the first player has placed a bet, each player following will have to match that bet in order to stay in the game.

The critical difference here between Teen Patti and poker is that players have to bet in the total amount of the bet rather than just the difference. Then, players will fold or stay in based on their hand and this will continue until only two players are left. The final two will have to show their cards.

This won’t happen if all the players fold except the last one, if every player besides the last two has folded, one can force the other to show his cards to determine who has the best hand, or when a table limit is reached. There we move on to the Teen Patti sequence and the Teen Patti variations of cards.

Teen Patti Sequence

In order for players to understand how to play Teen Patti, they should first understand the hands. The hands are very similar to other games and are probably another reason why Teen Patti and India Poker are commonly used terms. Players can get a trail or a set which is three cards of the same value. There’s a pure sequence which is three cards in a row of the same suit, and there’s also a sequence which is three cards in a row of any suit.

Then, there’s the colour, which is the same as a flush, a pair, which is two of the same, and a high card which can be the highest card of any suit. This is the Teen Patti sequence and if you’ve ever wondered how to play Teen Patti, this should give you a great starting point.

The Teen Patti variations will make or break a player, and there is only so much bluffing a player can do in poker, the same is true for Teen Patti. You’re welcome to keep raising your bet but if someone calls your bluff and has a better hand than you, you’re going to be in some trouble! 

Why is Teen Patti Called Indian Poker?

Teen Patti is called Indian Poker because the games are just so similar. In any online casino, players will know of the 3-card poker games. Those are the ones where players will play against a dealer and will try to make the best hand with a communal flop on the table. When it comes to the Teen Patti sequence, players are only making hands based off of the three cards and nothing more.

It means that you’re more likely to be able to make a hand but less likely to be able to make a great hand because you have fewer cards. Teen Patti casino rules will differ from casino to casino, especially online, so it’s always best to check the fine print when looking for a game.

Teen Patti Rules Casino Players Should Know

First and foremost, Teen Patti is a game of luck and skill combined. It’s important to learn and understand the Teen Patti variations and knowing each and every Teen Patti sequence that can be played. This will come with time and many players will suggest playing a free Teen Patti game at an online casino. This is one of the most important Teen Patti rules casino players often don’t see.

Usually, these free games will allow players to get straight into the action without having to spend any real money. There they can see what kind of cards come up, what kind of combinations appear, and exactly how often each one always pops up.


Teen Patti is a classic game and while it’s super popular, there are also a lot of Teen Patti variations around. Knowing your Teen Patti tricks and tips will help you for the most part, but in the long run, only understanding the game fully and memorising the combinations will allow you to conquer the world of Teen Patti.

If you haven’t seen Teen Patti, you may have seen a couple of the variations that players will often play. Games like Red and Black, or Odd Sequence are some of the more favourable ones, and games like High-Low might even remind you of the more classic online casino games.

There’s even a variation on the game called Sudden Death where players will attempt to drop the cards one by one being held between thumb and ring finger, and when someone calls for it to stop, then players pick the highest card value of the ones remaining in the hand. The highest card wins!

Teen Patti can be an incredibly enjoyable game and it’s known worldwide now since its explosive popularity in India and online. The game isn’t just for one group of people, it’s for everyone, so start playing today!