Finding the Best Online Casino Apps in India – A Guide on What to Look For

Pankaj Gupta | Yash Patel | Shweta Reddy

It’s safe to assume that almost everyone on the planet owns a mobile or has access to a mobile at some point in their day. This is true for anyone over the age of 18, the legal age of gambling in most countries. This is why developers are making a move towards casino apps in India. They want to bring the best online casino experience to players from all over the world.

Each online casino India has to offer will be a site that accepts players in India. The trick is to find the sites that are reputable and trustworthy in India, but still allow all players to play their games no matter what device they are using, and whether they’re playing through the site or through casino apps.

Best Online Casino Apps in India

Being able to find the best casino apps in India should feel like an easy thing to do. It should just be a case of going to your App Store or Google Play store and searching something like “casino game apps”. Sadly, because there is a lot of false information out there, and quite frankly, not enough gatekeeping, we are left with some untrustworthy and often random sites that don’t give players the gambling games they would like.

It should be as easy as finding the best Indian online casinos. Players should be able to go to a site and find out the best and worst parts of the online casino apps and then decide on whichever one. They should be allowed to play the games they want, claim the bonus they want, start gambling at any online casinos, making spins, betting big, and winning real money! This is why we’re in business, and we rate and review the best casinos for gambling in India, and for Indian players.

Usually, one might find that the best Indian online casinos will have the best casino apps in India. These sites will have the top games to play from live casino to table roulette, and poker too. This is true if players use recommended online casino suggestions, such as the ones that we list. Each and every online casino that we have on our top list is a site that has a fantastic mobile experience whether it’s instant play through a browser or in an app. The best Indian online casino is out there for you and we’ll be the ones to show you where it is. Every Indian player looking for the right games with help from a free welcome bonus should stick around and check out our list.

Best Casino Apps for Android

Players will usually find the best casino apps for Android are quite open-ended and cater to many different devices. These apps will usually be developed by a casino themselves and often allow players to play the casino games without downloading. Another benefit to casino apps is that the games on them are usually adapted and modified to fit the screen better, and will play better when run through the app. These games usually are a lot easier to operate and will benefit players making spins on slots, betting on roulette, and poker, live casino games and more. 

In every review, Indian players might find that a site will offer a bonus in gambling when playing a specific game. Live gambling isn’t usually available for players betting on mobile, but slots will be, and claiming welcome bonuses will help players to capitalise on their bankrolls.

Best Casino Apps for iPhone

Where there are apps for Android phones like Samsung and Google, players will usually find apps developed for iOS too. Apple’s iPhone has many different models, but the best online casino sites will allow for the newest and oldest devices to work independently with the apps.

Of course, players who decide that they do not want to use apps at all can still find the top online casino sites will have mobile responsive sites, so the games are still playable whether players are in the app or not.

How to Download Casino Apps for Android and Win Real Money

Once a user has found the right online casino that truly speaks to them, they can start playing there and winning real money. The best casino apps for Android are usually quite straightforward and are easy to download. These are the casino mobile apps that are easy to use, don’t have any ads or interruptions, work on just about any device, and still give you a fantastic experience.

In order to get these apps, players will have a couple of options. The first, and perhaps easiest option is to get an online casino app straight from the site. These will usually be downloads of a few MB that will land on a user’s phone, and they’ll need to click it to install it on their device.

Another method is where players will need to enable something on their phone known as “untrusted sources”. Don’t be confused about the name! Just because it says untrusted doesn’t mean the apps can’t be trusted, it just means they aren’t from the official stores. Some of the mobile app stores will actually ban casino apps because they don’t abide by the usual regulations that some games will have on the stores.

Once you’ve downloaded the file or the APK, players can click it to install it and will usually be ready to play. In the app, a player will have to log in to their casino account, deposit money using a trusted source, and then will have everything with them at their fingertips. You’ll be playing in online casino apps for Android for real money faster than you thought!

Betting has never been easier and with each review a player reads about these gambling sites, they’ll become more informed. Players can finally live gambling and with the welcome bonuses they claim for free, will be able to double their initial deposit at most sites, using the money for spins on slots, roulette table games, or even poker. It’s every Indian player’s dream!

How to Download Casino Apps for iPhone and Win Real Money

With iPhones, getting an app on a mobile can be a little trickier. Players may often need to “jailbreak” their mobiles in order to allow untrusted apps on Apple products. Depending on which online casino it is, there may be casino game apps that can be downloaded from the iOS store. Most online casino apps though aren’t allowed, so players will need to use third-party software.

How to Identify Real Casino Apps for Fake Casino Apps

One of the best ways to test if what you are playing is completely legit is by double-checking the banking options. When it comes to real casino apps, they’ll have official banking options as well as logos and sign-in methods. Players should always ensure they are using a trustworthy online casino that offers their own app from their site. Anything else may be questionable.

Casino Apps Welcome Bonus Scams

The best online casino India has to offer will likely provide players with an online casino bonus when they play, sign up, or make the first deposit. It’s difficult to sort from the legitimate offers and the bonus scams. Players should always try to stick to the online casino’s original site, it’s there where they’ll get the best bonus offers that apply to new players who join. An online casino bonus is a way for casinos to welcome a player to their ranks, giving them an offer of money to add to their bankroll. It’s important that players don’t see this as “free money”, but more money that they can use for free. This free boost will act as a bonus that can be used to play games at the site for longer, in the long run, helping players make use of the offer to win more. These can also include free spins which are usually for the most popular slots, or games that the casinos are promoting.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, so players will need to play at the casino and wager an amount that is equal to or greater than the bonus they have given you. If there’s no wagering requirement, it might be a scam! We do list a bunch of the best sites along with their bonuses, so make sure you take note.

Casino Mobile Apps Every Indian Player Should Have

It’s important to have online casino apps because most of the world is online today. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle requires casinos to cater to people on the go and this means using their mobile to play games, fund accounts, and claim bonuses.The games that people play will make use of bonus offers that casinos hand out, allowing players to keep playing for longer.

Not only do these online casinos cater to mobile gambling and play, but they also allow players in India to strategize, and pick up tips and tricks. Any casino games online will have its players benefit from learning a strategy. Many online casino apps in India will include these strategies for casino games online making it easier to win real money. Players who like to play mobile games should look for mobile-specific bonus offers too. Most times, those who play on mobile can get a bonus offer just for signing up on mobile.

Can Casino Apps be Used to Play Games at Live Casinos?

When players use casino game apps, they’re primarily for the online casino games that you’re playing at. Some live land-based casinos will have apps for reward purposes, but usually, online casino apps will only be used for traditional online casinos. These casinos tend to offer everything else that a real casino has with none of the drawbacks. Players can even play live casino games online through their apps too!

How Can I Buy In-game Transactions in Casino Apps

When using an online casino app live, be sure to look out for the trusted and legal payment options that you trust. Any mobile casino payment is usually just as quick and convenient as a regular online casino payment. All players will need to do is head over to the cashier in their mobile casino app and then use the deposit button. 

This is when a payment method will usually pop-up and players will be asked to enter the details in order to make the payment. Be sure to claim an online casino welcome bonus through the app when you deposit because it’ll allow you to extend your bankroll, giving you a better opportunity to win more when you play games at these casinos.

When making a deposit at an Indian casino, it’s important to take your time and ensure that you’re ready to play the games at the casinos that were recommended. In making that deposit, players will have to keep that money at the site for a short period of time, so be sure these are the right slot games you want to make spins on before you commit.